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We specialize in emergency medical services, both offshore and onshore, catering to critical needs. Our diverse portfolio includes:

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Together, let’s soar to new heights of success and establish ourselves as leaders in this dynamic market.

Air Operator Permit

Fleetliner is in-process to summit application to obtain AOP and induct helicopters to cater services to Central / State Govt, HNIs and our Corporate Clients in India.

Charter Operations (Domestic/International)

We offer customized charter solutions to meet the exclusive travel requirements of our clients. Whether for business or leisure, our charter services shall ensure convenience, flexibility, and comfort.

Aircraft Leasing / Financing Solutions & Advisory

We provide comprehensive leasing and financing solutions for aircraft, enabling our clients to acquire the aircraft they need while optimizing their financial strategies. Our advisory services help navigate the complexities of aircraft transactions.


Advisory Services for Flying Training Organizations (FTOs)

We offer strategic guidance and consultancy to flight training schools, helping them develop effective marketing strategies and growth plans. Our aim is to support the development of future pilots and foster excellence in flight training.

Construction of Heliports and Helipads

We provide end-to-end consulting services for the design, construction, and certification of heliports and helipads. Our expertise ensures compliance with regulatory standards and the creation of safe and efficient landing facilities. With a strong focus on operations, planning, and forecasting, we also offer assistance to MRO customers selecting maintenance, repair, and overhaul service programs. Our commitment is to establish ourselves as trusted partners in the Indian aviation industry and deliver exceptional services that surpass our clients’ expectations.


Under Fleetliner AOP

Fleetliner to induct 5 Leonardo Helicopter’s with 3 AW 169 Helicopters with seating capacity of maximum 10 seats and 2 numbers of AW 109 SP (Grand new) with seating Capacity of maximum 6 passenger ageing below 5 years since manufactured before Dec 2023.

Leonardo AW169

With a rich IFR configuration of AW 169including:

Rotor Brake, Steps for Cockpit/Cabin Access, Cabin Speaker Amplifier
Second Radar Altimeter, Dual GPS CVR/FDR, Pilot/Co-pilot Headset Soundproofing, Air Conditioning System Passengers Advisory Lighting/Reading Lighting, Cabin ICS for all pax, Passengers Headset
WXR Radar
Digital Map, HTAWS
Rigid liners with PSU

Seating up to ten, but typically configured for eight, the mid-size multi-turbine Leonardo AW169 shares several characteristics with its larger AW139 and AW189 stable-mates, and has been in production since 2015 when it became the first all-new aircraft in its weight category for more than three decades.

One of the key features of the AW169 is its versatility. It can carry up to 10 passengers or up to 4 stretchers for medical evacuation missions. It has a range of up to 800 nautical miles and can fly at a maximum speed of 160 knots, making it suitable for both short and long-distance flights.

The helicopter is equipped with advanced avionics and a digital cockpit, which includes a four-axis autopilot system, making it easy to operate and navigate. It also has a large cabin and wide sliding doors, allowing for easy loading and unloading of passengers and equipment. The helicopter also has a low noise and vibration signature, making it suitable for use in urban areas.

Leonardo AW109SP GrandNew

The AW109SP GrandNew was certified ten years ago and has made a mark on the VIP and corporate markets, with operators including Ireland’s QME Mining Equipment Ltd. It can hold up to 6-7 passengers and 1-2 crew members and has a maximum range of 464nm.

The AW109SP GrandNew is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207C engines. It offers a glass cockpit suite that is designed to help reduce pilot workload, and provides excellent external visibility.

The aircraft has a state-of-the-art navigation suite built upon a dual Flight Management System, while it also incorporates an advanced digital dual-duplex 4-axis autopilot. The aircraft’s avionics include a digital map system, enhanced vision system, and a range of other features.

Pilots benefit from a full glass cockpit which minimizes crew workload, enhances situational awareness, and provides excellent visibility. The machine has the best characteristics in its class in terms of performance, cabin space, payload, low operating costs, safety, and environment friendliness standards.